Have any of these CAROL’SKEYS arrangements already been published?
None of the arrangements are available as hard copies (in piano books or sheet music). However some of them were previously included on lifewayworship.com as digital downloads. From now on 100% of the CAROL’SKEYS arrangements added monthly will be BRAND NEW and available ONLY on this web site.

How often will the free arrangements be available?
Each month there will be one brand new FREE arrangement posted to the site. The free arrangements will vary in skill levels. (Beginner, Intermediate, etc.).

Is it ok to make copies of any of the CAROL’SKEYS arrangements which I have purchased?
It is permissible to make up to 10 copies of purchased Rhythm Charts (only!) for use by the members of your worship team. This is the only time that making copies is allowed. Of course, if your original printing of the arrangement becomes damaged or lost, it’s fine for you to reprint– but ONLY for your own personal use.

Can I purchase any of the CAROL’SKEYS arrangements in different keys than they appear on this website?
No. Not all piano arrangements work as well as others in certain different keys due to hand positions and fingerings. For example, play the first line of JOY TO THE WORLD! in the key of C Major (a descending C major scale). Next play it a whole step lower in the key of B flat Major… which is easier? (Enough said!)

What is the purpose of the demo recordings?
If you cannot read the music ‘in your head’ by looking at it, the demo recording gives you an audible version of the arrangement. (Is it the style you are looking for? Does the arrangement fit your skill level?) You may play the arrangement as often as you wish using the audio player on this website, or many customers enjoy purchasing the audio file for offline listening, or for playing along with the arrangement, as an aid in their rehearsals.

Why are Rhythm Charts included with some of the CAROL’SKEYS arrangements and not others?
Not all songs or arrangements lend themselves to accompaniment by a rhythm section or praise band. Fluctuations in tempo, the dynamics of each song, the ability to extend or condense an arrangement for a worship service, and the nature of a song’s lyrical content have been taken into account when deciding whether or not to include an optional Rhythm Chart.

Is it ok to record myself playing any of the CAROL’SKEYS arrangements which I have purchased and post the recording (or video) to YouTube, Facebook, etc.?
No. First of all, many of these songs are copyrighted and ALL of the arrangements are copyrighted. In order to record any song which is copyright protected you must have obtained written permission from ALL copyright holders, and recordings or public broadcast uses such as these require that you pay royalties to each copyright holder. Any such recording or public performance would require permission from the writers, their song publishers and the arranger.

Wait, but my church records its services and streams any music performances over the TV/internet… does this mean your arrangements can’t be used?
These arrangements were created FOR church performance, recital performance and personal use. This is an example of a use that IS ok. The reason it’s ok is that your church does track the songs that are used in its services and pays copyright royalties through CCLI (by a pre-negotiated agreement based on the number of people reached) for use of any copyrighted songs.

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