The Star-Spangled Banner

$3.50 each

LEVEL — Moderate

PERFORMANCE TIME (approx.) — 1:45

SUGGESTIONS FOR USE — Holiday Concert, Accompaniment for group singing

ARRANGER NOTES — In this arrangement of our national anthem the melody is always in the right hand which makes it work well for solo piano. However, it may also be used as a keyboard  accompaniment for events/programs where a vocal accompaniment is needed. Chord symbols are also included for the optional addition of guitar and/or bass. Since the range of this melody is approx. an octave and a half, there are always vocal challenges in trying to sing it! So I have made it a bit easier for singers and pianists alike by arranging it in the key of G Major (a half step lower than usual making it easier to play for both keyboard and guitar).  Even though the harmonies don’t stray too far from the original, there are enough to add a little ‘fresh air’ to this arrangement. Please notice that at ms. 33 I have added one full measure of movement in the LH which feels like the natural thing to do as you build to the instrumental ending.


You may play this arrangement as often as you wish using the audio player here, but if you wish to purchase and download the audio file to listen to independently, use the options to add it to your cart.


The optional Rhythm Chart for this arrangement allows you to add an accompaniment of rhythm section players to your performance.

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