We Gather Together (Easy Version)

$3.50 each

LEVEL — Moderate

PERFORMANCE TIME (approx.) — 1:00

SUGGESTIONS FOR USE — Prelude, Offertory, Special Music, Thanksgiving Recital

ARRANGER NOTES — This simple Dutch folk song is enhanced by altered chords in the LH. In the genre of
folk music there are usually no modulations, and so it seems natural that this entire arrangement is written in the
key of Ef major. You will also notice that this traditional melody appears in the category of MINUTE MUSIC
(meaning that the performance time is approximately just one minute). That makes it a perfect choice for use as
a musical transition between parts of a worship service or perhaps a short offertory.


You may play this arrangement as often as you wish using the audio player here, but if you wish to purchase and download the audio file to listen to independently, use the options to add it to your cart.

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