Were You There?

$3.50 each


LEVEL — Moderate

PERFORMANCE TIME (approx.) — 5:00

SUGGESTIONS FOR USE — Meditation, Offertory

ARRANGER NOTES — This spiritual is one of the most familiar and widely used Lenten songs whose words portray both Christ’s death and resurrection. Each of the four verses in this arrangement has been created to paint a musical picture of the lyrics. Within the music I have included the first phrase of each verse as a reminder of those words. (See bars 5, 29, 49 and 65.) Each verse is not only in a different key, but written in a different musical style as well. I encourage you to create the lyrics of all four verses in PowerPoint so that your listeners may follow them in order to better experience the message of this instrumental arrangement.


You may play this arrangement as often as you wish using the audio player here, but if you wish to purchase and download the audio file to listen to independently, use the options to add it to your cart.

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