Emmanuel (Bob McGee)

$3.50 each

LEVEL — Moderate

PERFORMANCE TIME (approx.) — 2:00

SUGGESTIONS FOR USE — Prelude, Offertory, Lighting of Advent candle, Communion, Holiday Concert or Recital

ARRANGER NOTES — Written in 1976, this chorus remains probably the most familiar praise & worship chorus used during the Advent season. Although the original harmonies are quite simple, several altered chords have been incorporated to give this arrangement a fuller sound. At bar 22 the song modulates a major 3rd higher to the key of E major. Even though there are four sharps in the key signature, this key ‘plays easily’ due to the same fingerings in its major scale as in the original key of C major. Remember to play with expression as you think the words: Emmanuel—God with us.


The optional Rhythm Chart for this arrangement allows you to add an accompaniment of rhythm section players to your performance.

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