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LEVEL — Early Advanced

PERFORMANCE TIME (approx.) — 2:45

SUGGESTIONS FOR USE — Prelude, Offertory, Special Music

ARRANGER NOTES — It is undeniable that this classic melody written in 1978 remains one of the most popular praise & worship songs of all time. Because the melody is so recognizable in both traditional and contemporary worship, the congregation will probably be singing the lyrics (in their hearts and minds) as you play. In the first verse, although the harmonies are quite straightforward and true to the original version, you will notice that there is some ornamentation in the RH melody. Following the crescendo at bar 20 (…and now let the weak say I am strong…) the RH plays full four-note chords, helping to emphasize the rich and meaningful lyrics. Then, at the whole step modulation to the key of F Major (bar 30), the dynamic level increases to forte as the arrangement again reinforces those same lyrics. Take your time with the decrescendo (all the way to mezzo piano) beginning at bar 46 as the arrangement returns to the now familiar 8th note pattern in the introduction.


You may play this arrangement as often as you wish using the audio player here, but if you wish to purchase and download the audio file to listen to independently, use the options to add it to your cart.

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