"Eleven years ago I received my greatest musical delight. My hands, ears and eyes got a hold of our first book of Carol Tornquist arrangements. It was a collection of hymns where Carol honored the melodic context, yet colored outside of the lines with the perfect serving of tasty embellishments that left my senses craving . . . MORE. I now run to purchase EVERY book that she ‘gifts’ to the world. Just when I thought my musical life could not get any better, I get the experience of being a musical mentee of hers. If there is a musical heaven that precedes eternal life I have found it."

Daryl S. Dudley, CEO
Chief Encouragement Officer
Dudley’s B Sharp Academy


"Piano playing can be self-revelatory. Some play like an engineer; some play like a poet. Carol Tornquist plays like a poet. She has a beautiful touch, sense of phrasing, and a smooth, elegant style. She has led worship in many different venues and is competent in a variety of styles. She has projected all of this experience into her published keyboard works, and therefore multiplied her expertise and influence. I hired her to work with me many years ago, and now she is published all over the place. She is a dear friend and a beautiful person, and that sense of soul is what informs all of her work."

Don Wyrtzen
Composer, Pianist, President
Don Wyrtzen Music LLC

"Carol Tornquist’s sacred arrangements are the perfect mix – interesting for the performer while being accessible to the congregation. We always enjoy the variety of styles in her publications as well as her fresh treatment of harmonies."

Dr. Gayle Kowalchyk
Piano Faculty
California State University Northridge
Dr. E. L. Lancaster
Executive Piano Editor, Alfred Music and Piano Faculty
California State University Northridge


"The first time I met Carol was in my music room and she was showing me her arrangement for a song I was thinking of recording. As she was playing I went over and knelt beside her at the piano. It was so different and wonderful that after she finished I remember asking her 'what goes on in that mind of yours?' She eventually arranged most of the songs on that album. I’m so glad I got to meet and work with her. Thank you, Carol."

Ronnie Milsap
Country Music Singer and Legend

"The piano arranger I trust more than any other is Carol Tornquist. Every Sunday I play a prelude and an offertory, and when I use one of Carol’s arrangements I know it will be creative and fresh, that it will flow beautifully under the fingers, that it will be artistically pleasing and that it will minister to the hearts of the congregation. I am so thankful that I can turn to Carol’s library and know it will always be reliable!"

Ken Barker
Project Leader
LifeWay Worship


"Carol is the consummate keyboard arranger. She understands how to write interesting arrangements for all grade levels, keeping in mind what pedagogically lies well under the fingers, but also sounds good to the listener and musician. She understands the variety of roles that a pianist and organist need to play in any given worship setting. She also knows how to capture an inspiring song and give shape to the arrangement in such a way that it brings out both the music and the message of the song. I’ve worked with Carol for years and she is truly one of the very best."

Don Cason
Former president
Word Music


"When looking for piano music to play at church, to incorporate into my private teaching, to play for holidays and special occasions, my ‘go to’ arranger is Carol Tornquist. Whether a contemporary worship song, an old favorite hymn or a holiday classic, Carol’s ability to creatively join rhythms and harmonies gives the pianist new ways to ‘play the lyrics’. Her collections provide arrangements for varying levels of ability, allowing both beginners and more experienced musicians to participate in corporate worship or to enjoy the moments of simply playing for pleasure."

Deborah Alley
Collaborative Pianist and Piano Instructor
Cornerstone University


"As a friend and colleague, Carol is one of the most creative, fun people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Her passion for music and the musician is clearly visible in her arrangements, her fresh, new ideas and her general enjoyment of life!"

Bryce Inman


"Over the past twenty years whenever I have played Carol’s piano arrangements at churches around the country, I always receive so many compliments saying that the pieces touched them. Carol’s arrangements keep listeners actively engaged through her creative use of tasteful, up-to-date harmonies often with surprising twists and modulations. In addition, listeners are often treated to clever rhythmic makeovers of well-known melodies. Carol’s collections are always my ‘go to’ resource whenever I need to play for a service at the last minute."

Janet Steen
Active church pianist in KY and TN


"Carol is a very gifted musician and arranger. The chords she adds in her music are so lush and beautiful. I have not found another arranger yet that can even come close to matching Carol’s beautiful style of playing."

Adam Satterfield
Church pianist
Second Baptist Church
Kings Mountain, NC


"Carol is an accomplished church musician and pianist, easy to work with and loyal. We worked together at Johnson’s Chapel United Methodist Church and on several other occasions. I recommend her gladly and with confidence."

Rev. Daly Thompson, Jr.
Retired United Methodist Minister

"I have known Carol Tornquist as a church musician and worship leader and friend. She has consistently demonstrated excellence in every one of those roles. Her abilities have always seemed limitless and I highly recommend her in every one of those capacities."

Darrell A. Harris
Vice President of Spiritual Life and Dean of the Chapel
The Robert E. Webber Institute for Worship Studies


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