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I’m sure that most of you could finish this sentence!

But, if not, here goes: "the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” (Poet Robert Frost)

The four-word phrase: of mice and men first appeared in John Steinbeck’s novel of the same name and beloved poet Robert Frost uses the entire sentence in one of his most well-known poems.

Simply said, it just means that, even with our best intentions (best laid plans), things don’t always go the way we plan. Not sure about the relevance of the mice, but I will investigate! (Maybe one of you can enlighten me.) :)

Anyhow, for me the month of April was a lot like the sentence from Robert Frost’s poem. No matter how much multi-tasking and plate-spinning I did, I still didn’t quite achieve my goal. However, as with life, there is always next month – right? This website remains a work in progress. (And the same is true about our FB page!)

So here is your news in a letter for May, and I’ll start with (you guessed it) FREE STUFF!


 A note of explanation to all of you who would love to receive all of the latest and greatest contemporary songs each and every month: I have to stick to the public domain (non-copyrighted) song titles for all of the FREE arrangements. That’s the reality. But I do have permission to add several recent ‘hits’ to CAROL’SKEYS for you to download @ $3.50 each. That’s exciting!

You have probably noticed that each FREE arrangement has been a PD hymn in the public domain. That means that I do not have to secure permission from the copyright holder to write an arrangement or to pay writer royalties. However, this month I chose a classical favorite instead: Prelude in C Major by Johann Sebastian Bach. It has been in the public domain for . . . yes, centuries. This elegant prelude is basically one big chord progression based upon broken chords full of sixteenth notes. (It’s really way easier than it looks!) But what a beautiful chord progression it is! GENIUS! There is no actual melody, so I added one indicated by tenuto marks throughout. I suggest your listening to the FREE DEMO. NOTE: you may choose to play this at a faster tempo than indicated. Your personal preference! :)

BTW . . .

J.S. Bach, along with two other famous composers (G. F. Handel and Christoph Graupner) included the words: Soli Deo Gloria on their music manuscripts These three Latin words are translated: for the sake of praising God (a worthy goal for you and me as well).

Also, for those of you who are still interested in a sequel to ARRANGING 101, it will be COMING SOON!

I will post a notice on FB and include an update in the June newsletter.

Thank you so much for your patience!

One more thing:

when I first introduced the all new WORSHIP ESSENTIALS series I should have mentioned that the first three books are available both individually (@ $12.99 each) or as part of a VALUE PACK (or $26.99 for all three books)!!!

3 Worship Essentials Books


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"Praise, exalt and glorify the King of heaven." Daniel 4: 37



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Saturday, 29 January 2022
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