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So you're in the music business?
A song writer.
Well, not exactly.
But you write music.
I actually write arrangements of songs that have already been written.
Yes . . . you know how sometimes you hear a song played one way and then another?
So then it's a new song – right?
Well, not exactly.
But you do write music?
So you're a song writer. (PAUSE)

Well, you get the idea! Even if I have to explain what I do, I still love doing it. :) In my case, I have written and co-written several songs as well – a few children's musicals, a few instrumental pieces, etc. However, my first love has always been arranging. I should have seen this coming since I was definitely a 'theory geek' in college and I especially loved harmony. And even though I knew ZERO ZIP NADA about theory as a sophomore in college, I could do all of the 'by ear' part (music dictation) which landed me in a class with students who had studied theory and composition from Day One. I was determined to make up for lost time!

So now I mostly write arrangements for those of you who need the written pages in front of you. (You could probably out-sightread me any day of the week!) But I have a feeling that many of you might add your own touches to what I have written. (I encourage it in fact!) So if that is you, I would like to direct your attention back to the CAROL'SKEYS PRODUCT PAGE: ARRANGING 101. The download is actually FREE this month (and through the end of February). It's really basic! However, I plan to add to it next month for those of you who want to move ahead.

DO NOT MISS February's newsletter (which will be found under RECENT NEWS). I'm very excited to introduce you to my new series for Alfred: WORSHIP ESSENTIALS!

"Seek His will in all that you do, and He will show you which path to take." Proverbs 3:6 (New Living Translation)



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Saturday, 29 January 2022
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